FMS Industries Is a leading Hydraulic Fixture Manufacturing company, established in the Year 2007 by K. Vijay Anand a young and energetic engineer who has a vision to serve the manufacturing industries.

FMS not only manufactures but also provides solutions for the fixture manufacturing system suppliers. The focus is on designing and manufacturing with the latest and innovative technologies. The modern manufacturing facilities and skilled technical workforce enable the production of highly in demand hydraulic fixtures, pneumatic fixtures and SPM’s. The quality products find wide application in industries like aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle, electronics, telecommunication, hydraulics, mechatronics, robotics and textile industries.

Breakthrough technology

The Mission

To deliver quality, reliable and user friendly products and service to customers on time through continued innovation.

Designing Edge

The design and development department uses high end technologies including fully licensed software to design innovative products that provides resourceful problem solving capabilities.

Quality Standards

FMS Industries is an ISO certified company with ISO 9001:2008 in Design & Manufacturing from TUV NORD. The company also adheres to stringent quality check through a quality team consisting of technical experts at every step to ensure that only 100% quality products leave its premises.

In-House Machining

The in-house machining capabilities using cutting edge machinery ensures products of high precision and perfection. The remarkable machining capabilities are,

  •       >  BFW Agni VF1 heavy duty milling machine
  •       >  BFW Agni VMC machine
  •       >  FIRST M1TR with Rotary Indexing with bed size 1000x250 mm (imported)
  •       >  Hi-Tech M1TR with Rotary Indexing with bed size 1270x250 mm (imported)
  •       >  Surface Grinding Machine
  •       >  High Power Precision Lathe 6.5’ Heavy Duty
  •       >  High Power Lathe 4.5’ Heavy Duty
  •       >  High Power Lathe 4.5’ Heavy Duty
  •       >  Sona All Geared Head Stock 4.5 Lathe
  •       >  Portable Drilling Machine
  •       >  Pedestal Grinding Machine
  •       >  Yuken Hydraulic Power Pack System
  •       >  Suguna Air Compressor System


Power 92%
Flexibility 64%
Customization 87%
Technology 75%
Innovation 82%